Koquela's design motif is design used in Traditional Kokeshi doll's body.


About 200 years ago, craftsman in Tohoku made woods products such tray and bowl. As they lived in hot spring area, they started to make Kokeshi dolls for souvenir. The craftsman decorated the Kokeshi dolls with patterns of flower and other plant to make girls who receive the dolls happy. Each craftsman developed his own design and the design has been intertied and allowed to use within only its family until today. To contribute to keep the tradition, Koquela uses the designs for textile goods and clothes with permission of the traditional craftsman.

INtroduction of traditional craftsman

Okazaki Ikuo / Zao Takayu

Born in 1935. Legend of Kokeshi craftsman who won Prime Minister Award three times, leading Kokeshi dolls in Yamagata area. 


His atelie located in Zao which is well knowm as "hot spring of beatuty". The beautiful white color spring is strong acidic sulfur and has an anti-bacteria effect in washing away aging skin waste. It is known to promote regeneration of skin and blood circulation which will make you more beautiful.