About us


 Koquela is a brand based on the motif of traditional Kokeshi doll patterns. We believe the design has "authentic beauty", which has been refined Tohoku's nature and 200 years of traditional craft history. We want to be a bridge between traditional craftsman and the modern world by delivering Tohoku's traditional design to you.

Koquela's name came from the sound of Kokeshi and "la" in Japanese, which means glorious or attractive. Through our activities, we hope to do a kokera-otoshi (the opening ceremony of a kabuki theater) to the traditional crafts of Tohoku.

Yuumi Kanamori  designer / founder

 I was born in Miyagi Prefecture, and majored in traditional crafts and regional design at the Kyoto University of Arts' Spatial Design course. Through my research of local culture course, I was impressed by the patterns on the bodies of traditional kokeshi dolls, and decide to establish Koquela after graduation with the help of kokeshi craftsmen. I hand-draws the traditional Kokeshi doll patterns handed down from family to family, and devises designs that connect tradition and modernity, creating pattern designs that enrich people's lives with a focus on textiles. I am also involved in other projects such as logo design and video works to convey the charm of the region.